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The AI troubleshooting assistant for chemical processing plants that want to stop small issues from becoming big problems
Lights Distillation
Anomaly Detected
150.343% - decreasing
Condition: HTR Fuel & Gas
Limit Exceeded
>90.000 - over limit
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ControlRooms eliminates guesswork. We detect issues early and alert the right teams with the right trends at the right time.

Early Detection
Surfaces anomalies well before your alarms sound, giving  frontline teams time to proactively course correct.
Quick Resolution
Enables frontline teams to collaboratively search history and share trending views to remediate more quickly.
Targeted Alerts
Delivers timely alerts directly to the individual or team that can fix it fast.
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Purpose-Built for Chemical Plants

Glass & Materials
Specialty Chemicals

Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence learns plant behavior on its own – and flags when something isn’t right 

AI Anomaly Detection

ControlRooms does not rely on pre-programmed static rules to identify operational problems. Instead, its AI dynamically learns plant behavior on its own and surfaces issues before humans or alarms can detect them.

Trend Search

AI Trend Search scans historical data from thousands of tags over any selected time range to identify similar events. This allows teams to turbocharge troubleshooting and root- cause analysis to problem solve faster.

“We believe that has the potential to revolutionize the way that energy producers operate and mitigate risk.”

Yuto Nash Nakanishi
Tokio Marine InsuranceGroup

“Seeing all this data like this for the first time is eye opening and invaluable! Our mission (in life) is to reduce variability around a target. ControlRooms helps us do that.”

- Tom Q, Director of Continuous Improvement

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